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What Height Chair / Stool For My Bench?


Some common questions always asked to us at Stools & Chairs is; What height chair or stool should I purchase to match my kitchen bench? This is a fairly simple question as the height of Kitchen Bench's in Australia are fairly standardised.

A study of home renovators and enthusiasts have found out that the most common height kitchen bench is 90cm, or 900mm in trade speak. What does this mean for you? It means that if you have a common Australian kitchen bench height of 90cm, then you should be looking for stools or bar chairs with a seat height of approximately 65cm. This will give you 25cm of space between your legs and the height of the bench which is usually a good amount of room.


The next common size kitchen bench is 105cm, or 1050mm. This is more commonly seen as a breakfast bench. This bench is usually an augmented part of the kitchen bench and gives additional storage space underneath. This can also be the height of some bar tables or kitchen island benches. If you have a kitchen bench height of 105cm, then stools which are 75cm high are perfect for you

Here at Stools & Chairs, we have stools with heights of both 65cm and 75cm to suit most of Australia's common kitchen bench heights. Below are a few examples:

Stools of 65cm Height

65 cm Tolix Stools

65cm Tolix Stool

French Provincial Breakfast Stool



Stools of 75CM Height

French Provincial Bar Stools
Provincial Bar Stools 


In Summary

If your Kitchen Bench Height is 90cm - you should purchase a 65cm height bar stool.

If your Kitchen Bench Height is 105cm - you should purchase a 75cm height bar stool.

Both these options give adequate space between your legs and knees, and the height of the bench to ensure you dont bump your knees.

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