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What are Bentwood Chairs?


The original Bentwood chair was designed by German-Austrian cabinet maker Michael Thonet. The Bentwood cafe and dining chair is an elegant and clean design which is manufactured through a revolutionary steam-bending method that the designer Thonet, together with the manufacturers mastered. Our Replica Thonet Bentwood Chair is one of our best sellers and here are the reasons why.



Our replica designs of the Replica Thonet Bentwood Chair are true to the original that Michael Thonet himself designed. We wouldn't do it any other way. Michael Thonet's original designs resulted in an elegant and light weight chair. Other replicas we have seen on the market include bulky rattan bends and chunky O-rings to support the structure of the seat. This may be because of cheaper and easier methods of production. However, not only does this compromise the look of the seat, but it also compromises the structural integrity of the seat itself. 




The curved backrest and support is made by heating the timber to 100 degrees Celsius, pressing them into curved cast iron moulds, and then drying them at 70 degrees for a further 20 hours. This results in a very strong, but light piece of timber left for the chair. Our chairs are suitable as dining chairs, as well as cafe chairs and restaurant chairs. We have sold to many companies which they are using our chairs for commercial use 365 days of the year. We haven't had a single problem with our chairs. 


The Factory

Our factory has over 130 years of experience (and counting!) in manufacturing high quality and reputable furniture. It is one of the biggest chairs producers in Europe and among the leading such companies worldwide. 

The very beginning of the factory's history is related to Michael Thonet, which produce furniture which most faithfully preserves the refined shape given to it by its original chair designers and manufacturers.

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