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Five Ways with the Hans Wegner Wishbone Chair

Here at Stools and Chairs, one of our most popular item is our Replica Hans Wegner Wishbone Chair. It also is a personal favourite of ours as we see it as such a versatile piece to be used around the house. Here are 5 ways to use and dress up the iconic and timeless chair.

 1.      The Dining Chair

This may seem the most obvious choice, but many people overlook this beautiful piece of furniture as they believe it to be too strong a statement for their dining table. Paired with a simple dining table, this chair harmonises well with both modern, vintage, and retro looking settings.

 Modern Dining Set with Wishbone Chairs

Modern Wishbone Chair Setting


Industrial Wishbone Setting

Industrial / Provincial Wishbone Chair Setting


Vintage Wishbone Setting

 Vintage Wishbone Chair Setting


 2.      The Hall Chair

Because of the unique design of the chair, you can place it in your hallway or dotted throughout your house, acting almost like a piece of functional artwork. I personally have one next to my Television unit which can be pulled up as a chair when guests come over. Have a look below at some charming uses of the Hans Wegner Wishbone Chair as a Hall Chair.

Wishbone Hall Chair

Black on White, Wishbone Hall Chair



Japanese Minimalist house featuring the Wishbone Chair


 3.      The Corner Chair

Placing a wishbone chair in a corner of the room, along with maybe a side table can really broaden up your room. Again you have a functional piece of furniture that can be used occasionally. But it also gives another purpose to an area of the house you might overlook. You can transform a corner into a reading corner, or a place where you can take 5 in the afternoon and enjoy a moment to yourself. See below for some tranquil examples of the corner chair

Corner Wishbone Chair

Your own special corner

Bedroom Corner Wishbone Chair

Don't forget about your bedroom corner!

 4.      Outdoor Chair

As we stock the timber Wishbone Chair as well as the Stainless Steel version, you can bring your favourite chair outdoors. We still recommend it being undercover, but taking the wishbone chair outdoors can transform an outdoor space. Just see below, we’ll let the photo do the talking!

Outdoor Wishbone Chairs

Stunning Simple Outdoor Setting

 5.      Office Chair

Bit bored around the home office or study? By placing this Chair in the home office or study or even kids room, you can brighten up your whole room, opening up some space around the desk. Who still likes the boring upright black faux-leather office chairs anyway?

Red Wishbone Office Chair

Add some colour to your home office!


White Office Chair

Step into my office please..

 6.      BONUS: Accessorise!

Don’t forget, you can always add your personal touch to your chairs. You are in control of it all. Would you like a small cushion on the chair? Or maybe a fur throw  over the backrest. You can even add some ribbons to it! Get creative!

Fur Throw

Contrasting Fur Throw


Polka Dot Ribbon Chair

Polka Dot Ribbon love




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