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As we grow older, we go from living with our parents, out to living with flatmates or in a college dormitory, and eventually to a place on our own. Be it a rental property or purchasing somewhere to call home, moving out is never an easy task. But take moving out as an opportunity for a spring clean for your furniture.


Furniture Audit 

Have a look at the places you spend most time around the house in. Does everything there make you smile or do you wish you had a few upgrades to the house. 

Chances are, that old couch you may have purchased off Gumtree in your Student days when you were trying to save some money is looking a little worn. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, but as we grow older (and hopefully wiser), our tastes and preferences change. Sell out that old piece of furniture to help fund your next piece, or better yet, donate it to someone that can really use it. There are many great worthwhile causes in Australia that accept donations of furniture such as St Vincent de Paul, the Salvation Army, and Give Now.

 Spring Clean Furniture

Take Each Move As A Chance To Refresh Your House and Furniture

Don’t Rush It

A lot of people when they move into a new place, like to buy everything at once. With a move, there are a lot of hidden costs, such as cleaning, professional removalist and even rubbish removalists. All these costs add up, and you’re left with a beautiful new home with less than you expected in your pocket. Plan your purchases in advance and make sure everything you buy fits with the décor and feel of your overall house. That vintage industrial stool might look great on the showroom floor, but does it match your modern luxe fitted out apartment? This leads us to our next point

Mismatched Living Room Furniture

We may not all be so lucky with mismatched furniture, so plan all your purchases!

Plan Your Rooms

It is easy to get excited when buying new items. However take a moment to visualise your house and the item in it. Is it a novelty item in which you will get sick of it in a few weeks or month, or a longer staying item that will really put a smile to your face every time you see it. 

Often there are pieces that stand out to you and you know it will be perfect for your home. Don't be afraid to splurge a little more for these items. It may be a feature designer chair, a vintage coffee table or a piece of artwork on a beautifully mounted frame. While these items may be over what you usually pay for these items, know that it will put a smile to your face and be a talking point whenever guests come over and it just might be worth it!

Black Eames Feature Chair

Paying more for that Feature Piece may just be worth it

Be Inspiried 

Not all of us were created with the creativity and flair to make a house to a home. There are lots of websites online that you may use for inspiration. Our Facebook page regularly updates you with beautiful homes and ways to decorate your home. Pinterest and Instagram are also great ways to draw inspiration from. Check out a few of our favourite furniture, architecture and design boards on Pinterest.


future-home-inspiration-board.jpg decorate-furniture-board.jpg small-house-board.jpg
Need inspiration for your future home or even planning out your current home? This board has it all. Some very unique pieces and some creative ways to use some common pieces around the house. With apartment living becoming popular, why not take a look at how to decorate small houses?


Have Fun! – This is perhaps the most important point of them all. You are creating a space for yourself. There are no rules or boundaries, just what you want to surround yourself with. If you want mismatched furniture, then go ahead with mismatched furniture. If it puts a smile to your face everytime you enter, then its right for you. Good luck!


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