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In Love with Mezzanine's


Wide open space. Bright sun filled rooms. We absolutely love mezzanine spaces, where it be an old factory or warehouse conversion, or just if you’re lucky enough to have lofty ceilings in your space.

We love how a mezzanine or open loft spaces make your room feel bigger than it really is. We love the industrial feel off high ceilings, exposed beams and brickwork, and we love how it makes you feel right at home.

Having a mezzanine connects your house together in a way a regular multi story dwelling cannot. You can be on your second floor, maybe it’s a small study area or parents retreat, and you can keep an eye on your children in the living area downstairs. Or you can be in your mezzanine level bedroom, connecting to the rest of the apartment, opening up skylights and floor to ceiling windows.

Mezzanine’s also sometimes remind me of my childhood. Climbing up trees and perching a top the branches with a view of the whole world. Do you have a mezzanine? If so, how do you use it?

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