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Comparing Provincial Chairs and Stools


A common question we always get is what sets our Provincial Crossback Chairs and Stools apart from the rest. A few things come to mind, including materials we use, finish we use, and colours that we stock.


All the timbers we use on our Chairs and Stools have been chosen carefully. Firstly, we use all hardwoods as they are stronger and longer lasting. Hardwood’s such as Oak and Birch are slower growing and thus,; denser, heavier and harder than other comparable timbers. This contributes to durability and toughness of the product.

For our Natural and Brown Provincial Products, we use Oak. Oak is a beautiful hardwood, which has a strong natural grain. Being either Natural or Brown stained, means we can show off the natural beauty of the wood.

Oak Provincial Chairs

For our painted Provincial Products (White, Black, Blue, Red, Yellow and Green), we use Birch. Why not use Oak? It is because of the smoothness of the grain of Birch. Birch is also a hardwood, but the grain isn’t as dominant. When you paint Birch, you end up with a beautiful smooth finish.

Birch Provincial Chairs


We also often get asked what our finish is like. Is it Gloss? Is it Matte? We finish our painted Provincial Products with a semi gloss oil based paint. We find it’s the best balance between a mirror gloss finish and a complete matte finish.

Our Oil Based paint is also stronger and more resistant to scratches and chips than a traditional water based paint so it ensures the best quality chair for your home.


Our Brown chairs are stained brown. What does this mean? I’ll let the picture speak for itself.

Stained vs Sprayed

When the product is sprayed with the colour, you have an uneven finish around the joints. This is because the colour cannot get into all the small joints of the stool. Alternatively, you can stain every piece of wood involved in the process. This takes a lot longer as staining and drying time is required, although you are left with a far more even stain, and a better looking product overall.

Rest assured, when you are deciding on Provincial Crossback Furniture, our range has the best quality materials and finish. Suitable for your home, restaurant or cafe. View our entire Provincial Range Here!

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