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Wishbone Chair Seat Height


A very common question that we commonly receive about our Replica Hans Wegner Wishbone chair is always in regards to the dimensions of the chair. Particularly the seat height and chair height.

Wishbone Chair Catalogue Photo

One of the earliest photo of the Wishbone Chair

Why is this such a common question? Because our Wishbone Chair seems to be quite different to a lot of other Wishbone chairs on the market. Stools & Chairs’ Replica Hans Wegner Wishbone Chair seat height is approximately 46cm high. This is a bit higher than most others on the market but we believe it is best suited to our Australian market.

The Wishbone Chair was originally designed in 1949 by Danish designer Hans Wegner. Nearly 70 years on, we are still loving the amazing design and clean lines of the chair. In the meantime, us as humans have grown a bit taller and larger – especially being in Australia! Also, our tables in Australia are also a bit taller as well. Average table heights in Australia are approximately 75cm to 80cm in height.

The original Wishbone Chair had a seat height of approximately 42cm. Which may have been appropriate in the 1940s and 1950s, but fast forward 70 years and the original design sits a little low for our Australian market.

Wishbone Chair Parts

The Parts for the Wishbone chair.

Our Wishbone Chairs are a perfect seat height for 75-80cm tables. So if you have found other chairs to be a little on the low side, please consider our taller ones. We have worked closely with the manufacturer to produce these chairs, and kept every proportion the same so it looks and feels natural to sit in. It is one of our most popular selling chairs and very comfortable with back support and small armrests. 

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